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The Easiest Way to play your favourite songs on guitar, - just sing along to the words and strum the chords shown! Separate chord diagrams for each song make it even easier and you often need only a few different chords, with some books devoted to songs requiring only 3, 4 or 6 chords
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If you would like to play guitar better, the very popular Lick Library series of Guitar Technique DVDs helps you play songs just the way the guitarists you admire do on their most popular songs. Our selection on this page also includes some useful DVDs for novice players.
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Ever wondered what it would be like to play with your favourite band? Or thought you would like to play a more complete musical version? Now you can with these great tab books with CD!
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Choose your guitar strings from the most reliable and popular makes here to keep your guitar sounding and feeling great. In most cases sent for no additional postage when you buy anyBook.
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Tune your guitar easily with the Quicktune guitar tuner - this inexpensive digital tuner which will also act as a pitch-pipe and knows which string you are trying to tune!

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Instantly get some free tab paper to use now (even for Bass Tab if you want!) 
No registering, no hassle, just FREE Tab Paper to write on.
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Find a music teacher in your area here, not just on guitar but for other instruments too. Why not tell your teacher about this?
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If you ARE a guitar teacher of music teacher please contact us from those pages to advertise absolutely free, no strings attached
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Popular Guitar Tab Books
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Stereophonics You Gotta Go there to come back TAB 14.99 (UK postage 2)

Coldplay Rush of  Blood to the Head TAB 14.99 (UK postage 2)

White Stripes Elephant for  Guitar Tab 15.99 (UK postage 2)

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Avril Lavigne Let Go Guitar Tab 16.99 (UK postage 2)

Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way Tab 14.99 (UK postage 2)

Joe Satriani Strange Beautiful Music Tab 17.99 (UK postage 2)

The Jeff Buckley Collection Guitar Tab 17.99 (UK postage 2)

Best of Nirvana for Bass Tab (with CD) 14.99 (UK postage 2)

Best of Nirvana for Guitar Tab 16.99 (UK postage 2)

Radiohead Hail to the Thief Guitar Tab 15.99 (UK postage 2)

 Foofighters One By One for Guitar Tab  14.99 (UK postage 2)

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Stereophonics You gotta go there - Coldplay Rush of Blood - White Stripes Elephant
Avril Lavigne - Red Hot Chilis By the Way - Satriani Strange Beautiful Music - Jeff Buckley Collection
Best of Nirvana bass - Best of Nirvana Guitar - Radiohead hail to the thief - Foofighters One by One

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